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Electric Downrigger
Scotty №1105

Доунриггер Scotty №1105 для больших катеров и значительных глубин. Удобство электического привода. Телескопическая штанга.

  • Привод троса: электрический
  • Длина штанги: телескопическая 150 см
  • Диаметр штанги: 30 мм
  • Трос, длина: 85 м
  • Трос, тест: 65 кг
  • Кол-во встроенных держателей спиннинга: 1
Scotty №1105

1105 Depthmaster Tele - телескопический электрический даунриггер Scotty длиной 76-122 см.

Scotty Depthpower Electric Downriggers have reached the highest performance and reliability standards ever, while remaining competitively priced. Thousands of fishermen now enjoy the superior speed, power and years of reliability that only Scotty offers. From custom designed marine motors to the final quality control tests, Scotty performance is unmatched in the industry.

ecectro downriggers scotty № 1105 Depthmaster Tele - телескопический даунриггер

Electric Downriggers 1105 Depthmaster Tele The most popular Scotty Electric, with a boom that telescopes for extra reach and collapses for extra storage. Makes a great "big boat" rigger.

  • 60" long, 1 1/4" diameter telescoping stainless steel boom (collapses to 36" for storage)
  • Boom mounted No. 350 Rodmaster II rod holder
  • 1 Power Grip Plus Line Release
  • Includes all the above except the 1026 swivel mount
даунриггер Scotty Depthmaster Tele
Electric DownRigger - устройство и принцип действия электронных даунриггеров
scotty downriggers seal of approval made in canada Life Time Warranty

Each Scotty Downrigger comes with the Scotty limited Lifetime Warranty. The best warranty in the industry is backed by over 50 years of manufacturing know-how and unbeatable customer service.

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